Naluwuge Rose
Laboratory Technologist

Rose Naluwuge is a certified laboratory Technologist. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical laboratory technology of Makerere University in 2014. Rose works with the THRiVE- 2 supported Lab technologist at the Uganda Virus Research Institute Core laboratory facilities. She currently working on HIV-1 drug resistance testing 

I have worked with Uganda Virus Research Institute for the last two years since January 2015 as a laboratory technologist involved in research focusing on how resistance to antiretroviral drugs develops during course of various treatment strategies. I have gained skills in various molecular virology assays and bioinformatics applications, including nucleic acid extractions, PCR assays, gel electrophoresis, Sanger sequencing and HIV-1 drug resistance mutation genotyping. I have undergone several bioinformatics trainings of which I have developed much interest and would like to venture this field more.

Before completing my university degree in the 2013 I undertook several trainings /internships as a requirement for the award of a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technology of Makerere University. In 2014, I joined Medical Research Council and trained in the Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory Service facilities for three months where I later applied to Uganda Virus Research Institute for training in the UVRI THRiVE-1 supported Bioinformatics Core Labs. By 2015, I was very familiar with molecular activities in these labs especially regarding HIV-1 Drug resistance testing and since then, I was taken as a laboratory technologist and I have been  selected to be one of the Teaching assistants for Introduction to Bioinformatics (IBT) 2017 online course after performing well in the IBT 2016.

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