Joint PhD Supervision
Collaboration is facilitated through joint supervision of PhD students. Students are encouraged to spend time in partner institutions that offer needed courses or can provide training in particular skills, equipment and procedures that are not available in their own institutions. Supervisors learn from each other, and receive other benefits for example joint publications and research opportunities at the host institution.

Dr Kennedy Amone-P’olack of Gulu University (THRiVE Postdoctoral fellow), gave a presentation about his research on mental health in war-affected Ugandan youth to an audience at the Centre of African Studies in Cambridge. This was covered by a volunteer reporter from the Humanitarian Centre (a Cambridge-based network for international relief and development), who published an article about the presentation on various websites (

Ms Allen Kabagenyi (PhD Fellow at Makerere University) was in  Cambridge for a 3-week stay. Allen attended lectures in study design and data management at the Institute of Public Health.

Stella Kepha (PhD fellow) visited the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine in May 2014 to conduct research alongside her LSHTM supervisor, Simon Brooker. Whilst at LSHTM, Stella attended courses in statistics and spatial epidemiology that will enable her to analyse the data collected during her PhD project. Sitting with the GAHI group, Stella received training in STATA and together with Birgit Nikolay processed the data that she had previously collected. The two also discussed and developed an outline for the analysis, which she will perform once she has the complete dataset.

she says, “LSHTM has a vibrant academic and scientific environment with many seminars and talks organized on various themes every given day. It was good to hear what’s currently happening and I was inspired to give a talk in KEMRI which I have scheduled for July. I was able to interact with various PhD students from different fields which expanded my scope of knowledge and birthed new research ideas.”

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